Our Experience brought to the Web

We have been requested many times to bring our experience in graphic design and web to our customers.

After years where all of the webdesign, graphic design and communication jobs have been carried internally, we decided to offer our services to our customers and other companies. XVArea was born from XVTrade, supplier of industrial materials and equipment, as a web design and graphic studio not only for companies in the industrial area, but for every possible customer who enjoys efficient design and elegant graphics.

Websites, Dynamic Websites, brochures and catalogues

For the screen or for the print, just call us to get a quote

Nowadays our weapon of choice for a dynamic website is Wordpress. We used other CMS in the past, but today Wordpress is rich, flexible and simple enough for the end user, and with such a worldwide spread number of installation, should you have any problem or particular need, chances are somebody had it before you and already solved it. Of course we also do static websites such as this one, where we take advantage of the design freedom to build something beautiful and not a static copy of a dynamic site.

Brochure, catalogues and any other format and design for printed material are also on our menu.

Customer First, and no Misunderstanding

make room for all ideas and let the ideas fill the room

It is very important that the customer doesn't need to enter all the technical details of the project, but it is as important that customer understands the basic of the designing process: he/she needs to know where the money he spends transforms into work, and also he must understand both the possibilities and the limits (tech-side and budget-side) of a project.

If everything is clearly explained from the start, no misunderstanding will occur.

In this regard, we don't offer artificially limited versions of our products for a lower price (where the amount of work is the same, but customer gets less and pays less). Our prices are scaled to the amount of work that a certain project needs. Of course we always take care that our websites adapt well to every kind of display, including notebooks, tablets, and smartphones


Our Portfolio

some of the works we completed

Oh, and one more thing...

No drop-in templates, no bought themes

We don't do websites based on existing templates/themes. We design what's best for the customer. Of course we are not so arrogant to think that our designs are the best ever: we get inspiration and even copy ideas from the most current awarded designs: this is more an artisan's work than an artist's. But we don't buy a template for you and apply that to your product. We design things. Want to move the navigation bar above the logo? Below? Over? No problem. Want to change the set of colours, the position of the sidebar, remove an element? Ok. Our wordpress themes are all child themes of the main wordpress themes. Our css styles for static websites are all made in house. Our brochure and catalogues are all prepared from scratch.
Think about it when you compare our offer to an offer based on a crippled design, or on a template that might be used verbatim by a thousand others, rendering you faceless in a moltitude.

Want to move the navigation bar above the logo? Below? Over? We do that.
You don't want to look as anyone else: you want your website to be yours, and look yours!

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